The End.

It is with great sadness, and after 1000’s of posts and many years, that this is my last post.

My reason for closing up shop is to protect my privacy. I have loved sharing my thoughts, dreams and mistakes here but I can no longer do so in good conscious.

I hope you have enjoyed my posts and if you message me privately I may keep you updated if I chose to start posting again to another site and under another (more private) name.

As my father always said “Bye for now.”

What Happens…

When you find out that someone has followed your entire life online? Quoted events, posts, right back to you. It horrifies you that you have shared so much with who you believed to be the universe. It violates you in a way that you can only blame yourself.

The question then is, do you continue to post? Do you close up shop? Do you try to become even more anonymous?

Or is that almost impossible in our world today?

One crucial thing that helped me in early sobriety is learning that alcoholics are mentally and bodily different than normal people. This explained why I drank the way I did. My obsessive mind led me to the drink, and once the drink entered my body the “phenomenon of craving” kicked in. Alcoholics metabolize alcohol differently and it send signals to our brain that say DRINK MORE AND DO INAPPROPRIATE THINGS. Alcoholics are like, “Ok.”
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Love Language: Act of Service

There is an absolute adorable 21 year old red head at work. For some reason we have started calling each other fiance. I think it’s because we want to populate the adorable red-headed race.

Every morning he makes me a cappuccino without me ever asking for one. It is delivered silently with a smile and a huge sigh of awesome from me.

Every night during either a very busy dinner service and/or after a very busy dinner service, he gives me a tonic water with ice without me ever asking for one.

It is such a small act of service but I literally swoon every time.It has taught me that my love language is “Act of Service”.

If he wasn’t 21, I would be all over it. 

(And I’m trying my hardest to restrain myself…but I would never - if only for his sake.)


Drugs Under The Microscope

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