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Every time Pharrell’s song”Happy” comes on

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I finally have the man of my dreams back in my life but we are separated by 100’s of miles.

We had an intense 10 days where declarations and commitments were made and even though I feel Infinitely blessed to have him not only back in my life, but back in as mine, I feel so cheated that our time physically together has been short.

Missing him is like a dull ache in my chest that just seems to grow with each day. I question what I’m doing home and why I’m not with him right this fucking second.

This separation by only distance is going to teach me a lot about patience and faith. He needs to get settled in his business and I need experience in a kitchen. This time apart will allow us to grow professionally and also force us to pause and grow a relationship together that isn’t just filled with crazed lust and longing.

But god dammit I just want to be near him. At all times.



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