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I imagine if I am ever put in this situation I would reenact this to a T.

Reason #1 I Love The Inbetweeners

  • Neil: Just who is this Duke of Edinburgh, does he teach it?
  • Jay: No, of course he doesn't teach it you fucking idiot, the Duke of Edinburgh is Prince Charles.
  • Will: Umm, No he isn't, it's his dad
  • Neil: King Phillip?
  • Will: No, I mean, that IS the Duke of Edinburgh you're thinking of, but he's not the king
  • Neil: But he fucks the Queen though
  • Jay: Probably up the arse
  • Will: LOOK, do you wanna sign up or not?
  • Jay: You've gotta be fucking joking, there's no way I'm gonna get bummed by some royal bloke on a mountain
  • Neil: Yeah fuck it I'm in

I might get BBC America JUST FOR THIS. 

It’s kinda awesome how much I love this show.