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Love Language: Act of Service

There is an absolute adorable 21 year old red head at work. For some reason we have started calling each other fiance. I think it’s because we want to populate the adorable red-headed race.

Every morning he makes me a cappuccino without me ever asking for one. It is delivered silently with a smile and a huge sigh of awesome from me.

Every night during either a very busy dinner service and/or after a very busy dinner service, he gives me a tonic water with ice without me ever asking for one.

It is such a small act of service but I literally swoon every time.It has taught me that my love language is “Act of Service”.

If he wasn’t 21, I would be all over it. 

(And I’m trying my hardest to restrain myself…but I would never - if only for his sake.)

Generation Lost

My Dad’s little sister passed away yesterday. 

My Dad’s brother passed away when he was 56.

My Dad was 68.

My Aunt was 64.

An entire generation is now gone.

We could get married at City Hall

I saw him today. In the beard that walked pass the pass. It stopped me in my tracks and took my breath away. The tears sprouted in the remembrance of him, us. Our future.

i truly believed.

And I try to forget.

See the thing is, I never thought we’d be done. I always thought that no matter what life threw at us, we’d fight it all the way.

How does one pick up the pieces?

So here was this man. This gorgeous man with a crooked smile. He wanted me, talked about our life together, and then he didn’t. 

He ran away again. This time for good. And I am broken.

How does one move forward from the conversations where you had planned your life with a person? Named children, built imaginary houses and empires. Spoke of the future like a tangible and inevitable thing. How do you move on from the feeling that this was it. You were done. You thought that no matter what life threw at you it didn’t matter because you both were in it.

And then he was gone, again. He speaks the unthinkable:

"I never think about you. And if I was in love with you, I would think about you. And I don’t. I’m just not in love with you."

How do you move forward?  

I just don’t know.

It is the worlds cruelest joke to have you fall in love with someone only to find out they don’t love you back.

Time change

  • Me: Well I was scared because you keep correlating the success of your business with our relationship
  • Him: Well it's kinda true but when did I say that? A week ago?
  • Me: More like a month...
  • Him: See. Time changes things....
Long Distance rocks
said no one. ever.
  • Me: The timing just really sucked when we first met
  • Photographer: But maybe it was perfect.

Secrets shared today

  • Him: I've been married. I'm divorced.
  • Me: I haven't called anyone my boyfriend since 2009.